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ENERGY-IN-A-BOX – an Industrial Concept and Solution Provider for Large Renewable Energy Systems

Sonority Sustainable Energy AB is a solutions provider – developing, manufacturing and delivering industrialised energy solutions based on geoenergy and other renewable energy sources. Our Mission is to reduce emissions of CO2 and at the same time drastically lower the running costs for heating and cooling of larger buildings.

BrainHeart Capital is the 80% owner of EIAB and also the owner (46%) of BrainHeart Energy Sweden together with Vattenfall (35%) – one of Europé´s largest energy providers.

BrainHeart Energy Sweden is by far the largest supplier of geoenergy solutions in Sweden with 4 installations of geoenergy solutions per day. Hereby the company is also the largest supplier of renewable energy solutions in Sweden. Sonority uses its sister company BrainHeart Energy Sweden as a subcontractor for drilling and installations.

Our Mission

Sonority Sustainable Energy AB shall, with renewable geoenergy solutions as a base, decrease the effects on environment and drastically reduce the costs for heating and cooling.

Sweden – The Leading Geoenergy Nation

Sweden is the country with the highest density of geoenergy solutions in the world (apart from Iceland). There are about 400.000 installations in our small country – most of them in private villas. But the market for commercial buildings is now growing fast with about 25% per year. In total geoenergy covers about 6% of all energy consumption in Sweden.

In Sweden “geoenergy” mainly means installations for heating and cooling based on drilled holes in the bedrock/ground and connecting them with one or several heatpumps. Very few of the installations use geothermal heat from the inner parts of the earth (like they do in Iceland).