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Saving Money and CO2

Increase the Value of Your Estate

Compared to the costs of traditional energy solutions, geoenergy normally saves at least 50 % of the running energy costs. At the same time the technology means up to 98% savings of CO2 and other greenhouse emissions.

The savings in running costs for heating and hot tap water means an increased cash-flow – normally representing a direct return of 9–12% of the total investment for the geoenergy solution compared to alternatives.

Not only the cash-flow from a commercial building is affected – also the value the real-estate goes up. With a yield of 7 % (typical for city suburbs) the value of the estate rises with 140 to 170 % of the investment in geoenergy – meaning that the energysystem is more than self-financed from Day 1.

The figures are coming from one of our customers with a 300 apartment building outside Stockholm.

In total there are several thousand similar buildings (Miljonprogramfastigheter) in Sweden with about the same economic outcome when replacing district heating with an Energy-in-a-Box solution.