Sonority | Sustainable Energy
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Sonority in Almedalen

“Upprop! från Miljon till Miljöprogram” is an initiative among property owners, authorities, researchers, builders, energy consultants and others. Which works to set up the so-called “million program houses” in Sweden. The purpose is to show that if sustainability, renewability, environment and health are influenced by the renovation work, investments can not only provide lower running costs and higher real estate value but also lower CO2 emissions.

Our Products


Sonority’s main products are built on the concept of Energy-in-a-Box that is designed for buildings with power needs of 100 to 1100 kW. The ready-to-use energy solution is built into, one or several, so called E-Boxes containing prefabricated heating/cooling centers. The installation is done in 1-2 days on top of the pre-drilled boreholes.


% decrease of carbon dioxide emissions

With Sonority’s cost-effective renewable energy solutions your buildings can save up to 98% of CO2 and other greenhouse emissions.


What is Geoenergy?

Geoenergy is based on thermodynamic technology where large amounts of energy with low temperatures are exchanged into smaller amounts of energy with high temperatures. The generated heat is transferred into the piping system for warming and hot-water into the building.

What You Can Save

Running Costs0%
Return of Investment0%
Increase of value after Investment0%

* The figures are coming from one of our customers that owns a 45 year old apartment building outside of Stockholm.