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Renewable Energy from The Earth

What is Geoenergy?

Geoenergy is based on thermodynamic technology where large amounts of energy with low temperatures are transformed into smaller amounts of energy with high temperatures. The generated heat is transferred into the piping system for warming and hot-water in the building.

The technology uses 200 to 300 meters boreholes together with heat pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, circulation pumps, pipes, valves, computers for control and measurement etc. A geoenergy solution is powered by electricity but generates 3-5 times of the kW input into heating power. The 65-80% of cost-free energy is brought up from the bedrock/ground. A geoenergy solution can also be used for cooling a building.

Our Products


Sonority´s main products are built on the concept of Energy-in-a-Box designed for buildings with power needs of 200 to 1100 kW built into 1 or 2 so called EBoxes containing prefabricated heating/cooling centers. The installation is done in 1-2 days on top of the pre-drilled boreholes. In larg MW-installations several pairs of EBoxes are used.

The normal installations of geoenergy solutions for larger buildings the installations are done in the basement where the hundreds of components are assembled, welded, mounted and screwed together. Testing is done by trying to put the installation into production.  The installation for a residential house with 200 apartments takes 2-8 months.

Instead of this timely and costly handcraft – Sonority delivers Plug-and-Play solutions which are connected to the pre-drilled boreholes at the custemers site.

Among the advantages with the pre-fabricated Energy-in-a-Box solutions are:

– The main assembling and mounting is done in a standardized way in a special built factory

–  Efficiency and standardization means higher quality, lower costs and high reliability

–  Thorough testing of all functions and performance is done before delivery to customer site

–  Installation of an EBox solution is done in a few days on top of the pre-drilled boreholes

– Since installation is done outside the building extra space are available and problem with noise etc. from heat pumps are avoided

– Several modular heat-pumps for redundancy, high reliability and easy maintenance

– Uses modern cooling media with good GWP-values for low environmental effect and for high performance

– Software driven control and monitoring system

– Online monitoring, diagnostic and remote control

– Can be installed almost anywhere in Sweden

– Prepared for export including cooperation with Svensk Exportkredit for long term financing for customers

The EBox is normally camouflaged as a shed in same style as the surrounding buildings. Inside the EBox there are up to 8 specially designed heat-pumps for low greenhouse emissions, high performance and high reliability. E.g. no repair is done on site – instead the failing heatpump is replaced. A normal configured EBox includes enough heatpumps for redundancy. There is a mobile heating center which can temporally replace a whole EBox in emergency situations. The goal is reliability which is better than district-heating solutions.

The 2nd generation of the EBox (with production starting in August 2017) is based the following design criteria:

Extremly high reliability; redundancy through many heatpumps with overlapping functionality, 100 % power coverage, repair done by replacing failing modules, rubost and high quality components, monitoring and diagnostiq 24/7, remote control, selflearning optimization, mobile EBox as back-up for failing EBox

High performance; specially designed for the Energy-in-a-Box solutions with self-teaching control between performance & eco-effect & economy, high-performance heatpumps, prepared for the latest cooling-medias allowed by EU with high COP, control software optimizing COP

Low CO2 emissions; geoenergy lowers the CO2-emissions with at least 65 % in comparison with oil, electricity or district heating, when combined with solar, wind power or hydro-electricity there is no CO2 at all

High serviceability; the heating/cooling redundant heatpumps, repair done by replacing failing modules, detailed diagnostiq on-line, remote control, monitoring 24/7, the EBox only possible to open by certified technicians

Modular and flexibel; EBoxes can be combined to deliver from 150 kW to several MW, specially designed for combining heating and cooling, can use different cooling media with lowest environmental effect in combination with optimal performance

Secure and minimum noise; EBox is built for handling the most flammable media (recommended by EU), since the well isolated EBox is separated from the buildings risk for fire and disturbing noise is minimized

Saved space; Each EBox release about 15 sqm floor space