Sonority | E-Box Product Models
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Our Product Models

The following standard models of EBox are available for delivery from Q3 2017 covering heating power generation from 140 kW to 1,1MW:

1. EIB20 M560, Energy In a Box Master 20ft 560kW

One Energy In a Box can be configured for up to 560kW of heating power, 400kW of cooling and 5 000 liters/hour average hot water production (280kW 7 to 55°C). In order to manage hot water peak requirements, several times larger than the average value, the EIB20 M560 are configurable to create accumulation of hot water. EIB20 M560 is delivered CE approved, tested and ready to connect to Brine and building.

2. EIB20 SH560, Energy In a Box Slave Hot water 20ft 560kW

EIB20 SH560 is a slave module to EIB20 M560 that in addition to the EIB20 M560 can add capacity for heating, cooling and hot water production. EIB20 SH560 can add 560kW of heating, 400kW of cooling and 5 000 liters/hour average hot water production.. The EIB20 M560 Digital Control Module manages the slave EIB functionality.

3. EIB20 S560, Energy In a Box Slave 20ft 560kW

The EIB20 S560 is identical to EIB20 SH560 but without hor water production